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Daniel Nashed

Linux Start Script issue with ctrl-c and "start live" feature

Daniel Nashed – 30 July 2011 09:36:55

We found an issue on Linux with ctrl-c when using the "start live" and "restart live" command.
On Linux ctrl-c sends a signal to the invoking shell which is not fully traped by the invoked shell.
This event is than send to the started Domino server instance which causes a crash or hang in http and sometimes other processes.
It looks like there is nothing I can do to trap the signal and even starting the monitor command in a separate instance does not help.

This problem does only occur when start/restart and "live" is used in combination. The work-around for this issue is to close the console with "stop".
In the new version I am working on I am removing the info that you can use "ctrl-c" to stop the console -- even this works fine with the normal "monitor" command.
I am also adding another synonym for stopping the "monitor" with "close" option to be more specify about what it does. "stop" can be misleading.

There is currently nothing I can do to fix this issue beside offering work-arounds.
If someone has an additional idea how to trap the "ctrl-c" signal in the shell to avoid that the signal is send to the server I am open for ideas ...

-- Daniel



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