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Daniel Nashed

Linux shell scripts: Difference between "set" and "env" -- fixed the Domino start script

Daniel Nashed – 9 July 2022 05:22:50

The Domino start script has always been using "set" to list the environment variables, before running the sever.
This information can be important to understand the environment passed to your Domino server at start-up.

It turns out that there had been a change over time, which causes much more information to be listed, then just the environment variables.

set command

"set" is an internal bash command, which has access to all local variables. not only the exported variables.
This includes the script itself up to the point it is already parsed.

That's why the start script is shown at the start of the notes.log of the server.
It also includes local variables, which are not exported and are not passed to the Domino server when started.

env command

There is an external command "env" also installed on every Linux server.
In contrast to "set" the "env" command only lists exported environment variables and does also not list the script itself.

Interesting details that I wasn't aware before I looked into it this morning after getting another question why the script is listed from an Australian admin.

It's not a critical change, so it will just make it into the next version.
If you want to change it on your own, just change "set" to "env".



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