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Daniel Nashed


Introducing the Domino One Touch Installer V2

Daniel Nashed  24 March 2024 10:33:56

The Domino One Touch install was a small script I worked on for a DNUG workshop to quickly setup Domino servers. Now I am bringing the install script to a new level.

I married the script with functionality form the Domino container project, where Domino is installed automatically when building a container image with all add-on software.
Instead of rewriting the components I added a "-installnative" option to the container build script ( levering all the existing functionality.

Now the installs Domino using the build script from the container project with all add-on packages like Nomad, Verse RESTAPI, Language packs..
In addition it automatically installs the Domino Download Script. It also understands options configure the download script with a token.
The script can be either invoked from cloned or downloaded and extracted GitHub repositories or it can be invoked with a curl download and shell redirection.

Here is an example, which automates all the steps. Once the script is done, you can run the "domino" script to setup and run the Domino server.

curl -sfL | INSTALL_OPTIONS="domino -verse -nomad" DOMDOWNLOAD_TOKEN=xyz bash -

Installing Domino on a Linux machine now can be performed with a simple command-line.

Once done installed, Domino can be started with the "domino" command, which by default now includes a setup and run-time menu as mentioned in a previous blog post.

Current options passed via environment variables

INSTALL_OPTIONS="domino -verse -nomad"




  • If no install options are passed, the menu is invoked.
  • If no download token is specified and software packages are missing in /local/software or a specified remote location, the script prompts for a download token.
  • You can also pass a URL to your own internal download server instead of the My HCLSoftware token as shown below

The update is already in the develop branches of the two projects.

-- Daniel



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