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Daniel Nashed


Improving Startup Performance for Notes 8.5 Standard Client

Daniel Nashed  14 January 2009 14:00:58
The warm and cold start performance of the Notes 8.5 Client has already improved a lot in 8.5 and I am quite happy (starting on Linux still seems to be faster).
There is one simple best practice that you should apply after installing the client. The installer writes many thousand files which can cause some fragmentation on disk.

It can help to improve startup performance if you defrag your disk or at least the Domino program directory.

You can either use the included defrag tools in Windows or use a 3rd party tool (most of them are more effective but cost money).
There is one free tool from one of the Sysinternals developers called Contig which has a very simple command-line and can align a single directory.

Here is the
link to Microsoft Technet.

-- Daniel



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