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Daniel Nashed


Important to know about Domino 14 Inbound Mail Disclaimer

Daniel Nashed  12 January 2024 23:43:16

A partner ask in OpenNTF channel about an issue with the new inbound mail disclaimer in Domino 14.
It turned out I was able to reproduce the problem on one of my lab servers and this is critical to know if you enable disclaimers written into the body.

There are two different ways to setup the feature.

1. Tag the subject line
2. Write HTML to the body of the message with fall back to subject for signed or encrypted messages.

My personal recommendation is always to tag the subject, because modification of the body can lead to all kind of side effects with add-on software and also issues that could happen with incorrect formatted messages.
It is just more likely the message breaks with a disclaimer written to the body. And you never know which other software on the sender or receiver side already modified the message.
If using the subject modification you are on the safe side.

In this problem case the body modification in 14.0 fails if the message is send to multiple recipients and the message will bounce.

There is a technote describing the issue in detail:

Mail delivery issue If "External email Notifications" feature is enabled and sending mail to two or more recipients

The underlying problem is already fixed in the next feature release and is planned to be fixed in 14.0 FP1.
The partner requested hotfix for Windows, because the customer really wants body modification.
I have tested the hotfix on Linux and can verify it works.

Still I personally would recommend subject modification for various reasons, which avoids this issue.

-- Daniel



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