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Daniel Nashed

Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

Daniel Nashed – 16 November 2011 15:34:19

This fixpack should solve the iOS issues I mentioned in my previous post.
You should update your Traveler Server ASAP.

Here is a link to the Fixcentral Download

And here is a list to the complete fixlist

The issue for activities has been fixed and the two new iOS5 features are supported.

• Support Folder Management Features on Apple iOS 5 and Later Devices
• Support for Follow Up Flags on Apple Devices

A big THANK YOU to the Traveler team for this quick fix and also adding those new features.

-- Daniel


1Karsten Lehmann  16.11.2011 19:57:58  Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

Follow up flags work after installing the update, but creating a folder produces the error that the folder could not be created.

There are no error messages in the server console.

Do we have to reinstall the Traveler profile on the devices (iOS5, iPhone 4S)?

2Daniel Nashed  16.11.2011 21:00:03  Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

flags work for me. but folders seem not to work for me either. same error message here.

still checking the logs but I did not see anything yet ...

-- Daniel

3René Winkelmeyer  17.11.2011 6:20:29  Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

@Karsten @Daniel You need to enable the new enhanced folder mechanism in the NTSConfig first. For me it works like a charm.

{ Link }

4Karsten Lehmann  17.11.2011 8:01:16  Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

@René: Thanks, it's working now.

After setting AS_ALLOW_DS_FOLDER_CHANGES in NTSConfig to true I can now create/delete folders.

5Daniel Nashed  17.11.2011 8:39:37  Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

Sometimes it helps to read the documentation ...

Thanks Rene! I did miss this one. Just assumed it would just work by default, because the flags also worked by default.

-- Daniel

6Steve  17.11.2011 18:38:10  Important Lotus Traveler Fixpack Released

Just an FYI to everyone that is already running 20111004_1634, the hotfix that corrected the wav file issue.

The fix pack does reintroduce the issue.

You'll have to open a PMR to get another hotfix to apply to the fix. Which will bring the version to 20111114_1034.



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