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Daniel Nashed

Important Information Traveler 11 for iOS in multi-domain environments

Daniel Nashed – 26 February 2020 23:20:40

Starting with Traveler 11 Active Sync is supported and enabled by default.
It turned out that AS 16 support comes with a new back-end API which has side effects in multi-domain environments.
If your Traveler server is inside your main domain, there are no side effects.

For a Traveler server just hosting one domain, the easiest way might be to move your Traveler server into your main domain.
If your Traveler environment hosts users in multiple domains, you might want to wait until a solution has been found.
Or you could disable AS16 for now using the described work-around --> NTS_AS_PROTOCOL_VERSIONS=2.5,12.0,12.1,14.0,14.1

If you haven't updated your multi-domain environment to Traveler to Version 11, you might want to wait until the limitations has been solved.
This might require also a Domino side fix, because the current C&S API doesn't provide the multi-domain functionality.

See details here:

-- Daniel



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