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Daniel Nashed


Important Domino 12.0.1 IF1 for customers using DAOS

Daniel Nashed  7 January 2022 20:25:12

This issue has been already in 12.0, but was discovered to late to be included into 12.0.1.
HCL worked hard to get IF1 out ASAP. There was a hotfix already available end of the year.
But IF1 take a bit longer than distributing a hofix -- there is more testing is involved.

If you are running on 12.x, and you are using DAOS, you should install IF1.
If you are on 12.0, I would recommend moving to 12.0.1 with IF1.
But if you have to stay with 12.0 there is a hotfix available from HCL support.

The problem occurs when databases are fixuped and many NLOs are involved.
It turned out that this also affects compact, which is using a fixup internally for most of the compact operations.

So you really should get IF1 installed if running DAOS.

Here is the official technote and info about IF1.

I just updated the Domino Community image and made 12.0.1 IF1 the new default.

-- Daniel

Domino 12.0 Fixup for databases with a large number of NLOs can lead to Domino Server performance degradation

Interim Fixes for 12.0.1x versions of HCL Notes/Domino


1Yuriy  24.01.2022 0:09:30  Important Domino 12.0.1 IF1 for customers using DAOS

Hello Daniel,

Have you seen/heard anything about an error "The DAOS catalog cannot be updated.: The caller's SemWait timeout expired.". It started to appear in our Domino console almost every day after I installed IF1 for 12.0.1.

It affects the router (at least), because some agents at night couldn't send the emails.

20-01-2022 09:01:58 The DAOS catalog cannot be updated.: The caller's SemWait timeout expired.

20-01-2022 09:01:58 Router: Agent message: Notes error: The caller's SemWait timeout expired. at line 52

We keep logs in log.nsf for 30 days.

I installed IF1 on 1.1.22 and this problem appeared the first time on 5.1.22 and then it happened again and again (but not everyday). I have never seen such error before I installed IF1.

2Yuriy  24.01.2022 0:23:12  Important Domino 12.0.1 IF1 for customers using DAOS

Sorry, I made a mistake in my description.

The error started before I installed IF1.

I installed IF11 on 11.1.22 (because it was released by HCL on 10.1.22 only) but the error already was in console.

So, most probably, the error is not related to IF1 but can be related to 12x in general.

I will have to ask HCL for help anyways.

3Francesco Marzolo  28.01.2022 17:40:49  Important Domino 12.0.1 IF1 for customers using DAOS

IF11 for Domino 12 (Windows) really doesn't fix LockMgr, router is sometimes hanging mail delivery.

To me seams that even Amgr task gets some problem accessing mail.

There are no compact or fixup task running.

Server configured for NIFNSF index.

A states HCL, recreating DAOSCAT nor any server compact fixup doesn't helped.

[116C:005B-02BC] LkMgr BEGIN Long Held Lock Dump ------------------

[116C:005B-02BC] Lock(Mode=X * LockID(CONTLONGKEY DB=D:\HCL\Domino\Data\daoscat.nsf RRV=9126 len=48 hKey=0xC018799E SkipLastDWORD)) Waiters countNonIntentLocks = 1 countIntentLocks = 0, queuLength = 2

[116C:005B-02BC] Req(Status=Granted Mode=X Class=Manual Nest=0 Cnt=1 0000

[116C:005B-02BC] Tran=0 Func=N/A x\ehashr6.c:899 [0A6C:0039-00000000000022B4])

Waiting for HCL

I'm thinking about a downgrade to 11.



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