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Daniel Nashed

Important Domino 12.0.1 IF1 for customers using DAOS

Daniel Nashed – 7 January 2022 20:25:12

This issue has been already in 12.0, but was discovered to late to be included into 12.0.1.
HCL worked hard to get IF1 out ASAP. There was a hotfix already available end of the year.
But IF1 take a bit longer than distributing a hofix -- there is more testing is involved.

If you are running on 12.x, and you are using DAOS, you should install IF1.
If you are on 12.0, I would recommend moving to 12.0.1 with IF1.
But if you have to stay with 12.0 there is a hotfix available from HCL support.

The problem occurs when databases are fixuped and many NLOs are involved.
It turned out that this also affects compact, which is using a fixup internally for most of the compact operations.

So you really should get IF1 installed if running DAOS.

Here is the official technote and info about IF1.

I just updated the Domino Community image and made 12.0.1 IF1 the new default.

-- Daniel

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