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Daniel Nashed


IBM Verse Client for iOS shipped

Daniel Nashed  30 April 2015 09:24:40
Finally the IBM Verse App for iOS is released

Image:IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

You can either use it to access the IBM Connections Cloud or Traveler On-Premise environments.
Currently you can only use one account against either On-Premise or the cloud.

Take care that the first Traveler release supporting the client is but you should install the latest version.

The Verse client is a container app. You can still continue to use ActiveSync with the integrated apps.
It's not a replacement. Both ways to access the Traveler server are fully supported.

If you want a container app, IBM Verse is a good option for you but you should be aware that contacts and calendar cannot be accessed outside the IBM Verse app.
What I really like is the notifications that you get via Apple push notifications.

For testing I am currently using both in parallel and get the best of both worlds.
But in normal environments you should decide for one way to access your Traveler data.

IBM published an FAQ (part of the Traveler Documentation):!/SSYRPW_9.0.1/iOSVerseIntro.html



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