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Daniel Nashed


IBM Domino V10 Product Family Delivery Milestones

Daniel Nashed  10 October 2018 22:20:47
I got questions from multiple customers today and there is a blog post from IBM Germany answering all of them and more. Let me translate. Here is a quick summary in English..

For German check the original post-->

- Shipped as of today 10.10.2018:

Domino V10.0, Notes V10.0, Administrator Client, Domino Designer & IBM Traveler
for Windows, Linux and AIX in English.

For Linux we get CentOS 7.4 and higher support and Domino will support REHL 7.4 / SLES 12 and higher.

- Group 1 Languages (German, French, Japanese and Chinese) will follow in the 10.1 release planned for end of 2018.

- Language versions for Group 2 and 3 will follow in 2019.

- iSeries / System i will also follow 2019 because it's a complete different platform and there is additional work to do (I recall from earlier days that they had help from a dedicated iSeries team).

The planning on IBM i-Series is to ship Domino, Traveler, Sametime, Verse on-Premises (VOP) and afterwards the Domino App Dev Pack

- The current Sametime version is 9.0.1 FP1.

- There is a roadmap for the new Sametime 10 in 2019. This includes persistent chat and multi-client chat support (you can be logged into multiple clients)

- Notes V10 customers (customers on maintenance) have mobile Sametime support included in their Notes V10 client license!

- Connections Profil- and Files-Plug-ins are updated to support V10 and you can find them on DeveloperWorks.

-  IBM Verse on prem (VOP) has it's own agile roadmap. The 1.0.5 release is planned for end of October and IBM/HCL plans to ship an update very quarter.

- The Verse mobile app has ongoing improvements and will continue to ship via the app stores

- There is a beta for the Domino AppDev Packs which can be tested with Domino V10 GA --> See details here

- The new mobile Notes Application support the iPad via native iOS app will be available in beta starting end of October!

- I have seen the app already and it works like a charm! It will be included in the Notes V10 license at no extra cost when you are on maintenance!

- The new Mac V10 client is planned for end of this year. It will have the same functionality as the Windows Notes client and will support MacOS 10.14 (Mojave).

- Both versions include Sametime 9.0.1 FP1

- Stay tuned for a beta for the Notes 10 Mac client!

Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) Version 10 support is planned within the next 30 days. For changes in the context of this migration you should contact your DAC service team

For beta announcements and other details you should check the Destination Domino website -->

I hope that gives you a quick summary. I had the same questions..

Beside this I am currently planning my V10 deployment. Mailfile and Notes production client is already updated.

Also my beta environment. My production Domino and Traveler Linux environment has to wait for the CentOS 7.5 update.
But I am currently already deploying the new system templates and switch my admin server to a Windows machine in the same Domain.

-- Daniel




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