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    How to pass a Domino V12 OneTouch JSON to your pod or container

    Daniel Nashed  3 May 2021 06:16:12
    For Docker it is quite easy to pass the JSON file.
    You just add another volume into a known location:

    Environment variables:



    When using Kubernetes you can either pass data via screts or better juse a ConfigMap for your JSON file.
    Using a ConfigMap already prepares you for Helm charts later, where you can work with place holders.
    In your volume definition you just specify the configMap and in your pod you just mount this volume to the right place.

    We started to add new material into our Docker Domino repository.
    This is still work in progress and we will have more over time.
    But here is a start link for now:

    Special THANKS to Daniele Vistalli for bringing us on to the right track for Helm over the weekend ;-)

    -- Daniel

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: ConfigMap
    name: domino12-cfg
    namespace: default
    auto_config.json: |
        "serverSetup": {
          "server": {
            "type": "first",
            "name": "master.domino.lab",



    - name: domino-data
        claimName: local-path-pvc

    - name: domino-cfg
        name: domino12-cfg



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