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Daniel Nashed


How to get the error message for a Notes error code

Daniel Nashed  12 December 2022 11:09:24

Sometimes scripts or Domino server commands only return an error code and you would like to know the error message.

There is an easy way to get the error message back from a server command.

"show message [module]

In most cases you don't need server tasks specific error messages and just use the decimal error code.

Here is an example:

show message 404

[4E10:000A-670C] Entry not found in index

By the way, It's probably not a coincident Lotus at that time did choose the error code "404" for "Entry not found in index".

Another interesting error code is 1. The resource string is used to specify the release and also the build time of the release.
This is the information shown in the server console and other places and a reliable way to identify the Domino version.

show message 1

[4E10:000A-670C] Release 12.0.2|November 03, 2022            



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