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Daniel Nashed


How long does it take to update a Domino server?

Daniel Nashed  21 April 2024 16:47:44

How long does it take to update a Domino server?

The answer is as always: "It depends".

In my case it depends how long it takes to shutdown Domino --> That's around 30-60 seconds for a normal server.
So the answer could be close to "42" ... LOL

I am usually building a container image, which I push to a private registry. On a server I just have to pull the new image and run "dominoctl update".
That's all it takes to go to a new FP or release. In this case 14.0 FP1.


Building an image is a different story, but also is super easy.

Once I updated the GitHub repository, you just have to run the script.
The new menu can remember the add-on images installed and also finds out what the latest version is.

Depending on the add-on software and your infrastructure it takes like 10 minutes to build an image
But building the image does not cause any down time of your server.
Only the stop and restart of your server needs a downtime of usually less than 1 minute.

-- Daniel

dominoctl update



Info: New Image Version available!

Updating Container [pluto] ...

Stopping Container ...


Removing Container ...


Creating & starting new Container [pluto] ...


Successfully updated Container [pluto]



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