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Hope to see you next week at Engage conference -- some interesting sessions and infos

Daniel Nashed  21 May 2022 13:33:44
Image:Hope to see you next week at Engage conference -- some interesting sessions and infos

Engage was the last conference I have been. And it will be the first one after two years.

I am really looking forward to meet many of you again next week!

Even it was a very difficult time, it was an opportunity for me to work on exciting new projects.

Meanwhile Domino 12.0 and Domino 12.0.1 shipped and I was never deeper involved into it, then in the last two years.
And I spent a lot of time on other related projects. My blog was never more active with many different topics.

It as been quite a ride and I virtually presented and gave workshops about Domino 12.0.x.

Still there will be brand new functionality shown at Engage.

There are also new GitHub projects I am involved with:

HCL Domino Docker Community Container Image build

Nash!Com Domino Start Script

HCL Domino V12 Backup Integrations

HCL Domino V12 Certificate Manager Integrations

I can't present about all my current projects. But Bill and Martijn -- two fellow HCL Ambasserdors -- will present about material that is related to my work.

And there is a Linux round table at the end of the conference as well for Linux, Docker and other related topics.

If you can't make it into those sessions, you should still stop by for questions and to say hello.

I am looking forward to meet many of you finally again next week!

Have a safe trip to Bruges!!


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Bill Malchisky

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Ro09 / Wednesday, May 25 | 16:00 - 16:45 | R. Room 10-11

Bill Malchisky, Thomas Hampel, Tim Clark, Daniel Nashed



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