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Daniel Nashed


HCL Verse 3.2.1 shipped and it has never been easier to download

Daniel Nashed  28 March 2024 20:21:11

The HCL Domino Container project always uses the latest versions.
The versions are added by by a software.txt file.

With the new My HCLSoftware portal and the automated Domino Download script on Linux, I just go thru the menu, download the software and copy the meta data.
From the meta data I create the entry in software.txt and initiate a build and automation test run, before publishing the new data.

Here are the details about the release -->

-- Daniel

WebKit   :  HCL Verse 3.2.1 for Domino Multiplatform Multilingual
Name     :
Version  :  3.2.1
Platform :  all
Size     :  96439903
SHA256   :  87feda28be377b836d115c961b0ff6c76d9cc3bd2ada8c4baccead59cd5cc4dd
ID       :  Vt5jAKevMOoaTz4sPD8yT
Modified :  2024-03-28T00:00:00.000Z



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