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Daniel Nashed


HCL Support & Software Download

Daniel Nashed  2 July 2019 12:28:56

On Monday I was a bit surprised to get an e-mail from IBM about support cases are getting closed because they are getting transferred to HCL.
Before 1.7 HCL did not have access to the data, so it sounds like they started to migrate yesterday.
HCL worked on it yesterday to get all the support cases imported and the user accounts created.

Yesterday afternoon I got links to my existing support cases.
Today I got an e-mail how to access my account by just using the password reset function on the new support site -->

I was surprised that not only the open cases but also my last closed cases have been transferred and I was able to open new tickets!

What will take another 1-2 days is the software download via FlexNet as far the support line told me.
But you can still download software on the IBM side right now.

I have been told that not all accounts might have been migrated yet.
So you might need to have to give it 1-2 days.

If you did not receive an e-mail and/or you have an urgent case you can contact the support center directly (see details on the support homepage -->

-- Daniel



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