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Daniel Nashed


HCL Notes macOS after Monterey 12.6 critical fix available on Flexnet 12.0.1FP1IF2

Daniel Nashed  22 September 2022 15:53:46

The OSX Monterey 12.6 update very unexpected caused the Notes client to fail starting.

12.0.1FP1IF2 is live now on the HCL License & Download Portal and can be deployed to address this SPR.
There are plans to release a 1101FP6 based Interim Fix once the fix is ready.

A very similar problem also occurred on iOS 15.7 and is fixed in iOS 16.0.
So it is apparently a chance introduced unplanned in macOS/iOS.

I am not a Mac used but some fellow Ambassadors reported their Notes Mac client is working again.

Don't install Notes 12.0.2 EAP5, which does not solve the issue completely.

Thanks to the Nomad and the Notes client team for this fast fix and updating the technote with status updates regularly.

For updated information check the technote:

-- Daniel



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