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Daniel Nashed

HCL Nomad V1.0.4 released

Daniel Nashed – 5 October 2019 13:32:28
There is a new iPad Application which has been released.
This is the first version from HCL and Nomad V1.0.4 replaces the offering known as IBM Domino Mobile Apps.

The new version also comes with some interesting new features

- Open your personal mail file in Nomad
-> this was prevented by internal policy and is now allowed by default
- GPS geo location support via LotusScript
 --> this will be available in the Notes 11 designer
- Mobile Device Management pre-configuration
- Free panaganda MarvelClient for iOS integration!

- And there is also an option to disable DNS lookups to improve compatibility with some VPN solutions.
- @platform([specific]) now returns the following type of text-list: iOS; 13.1; iPad; iPad7,5

There is an interesting blog post from Andrew Mandy and Andrew Davis providing also information about what is coming next :-)

Specially the free Marvel Client (MC) integration is great.
MC is integrated into Nomad 1.0.4 and allows you to check and update your Nomad clients.

In combination with the MDM configuration profiles this means zero manual configuration.

I have online-updated my MC of my existing installation and see my iPad in the MC reporting database.

There is a FAQ regarding MarvelClient for iOS, whch you might want to check.

Well done integration! This is really what we need!

Congrats & Thanks HCL and panagenda


1Rolandino  24.10.2019 14:48:10  HCL Nomad V1.0.4 released

Hello Daniel,

Do you have tested HCL Nomad with Port encryption?

I have enabled Port encryption on the Passthru Server.

With connection documents set in Nomad everything was working fine.

After setting PORT_ENC_ADV=84 on the Passthru and Destination Server, both 10.0.1 FP3, I got an Error in the Replicator Page of Nomad.

"Unzulässiger Sicherheits-Funktionscode".

Are you able to confirm that?



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