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Daniel Nashed

Hot news: HCL Domino V12 Early Access Program

Daniel Nashed – 9 September 2020 05:49:53

The new early access program for Domino V12 went live yesterday.

At the same time we had a #dnug47online session about it and HCL showed the first Code drop.

HCL Ambassadors got early hands on a first code drop and the program is now open all customers an partners with no separate registration -- the software is available on Flexnet.

Image:Hot news: HCL Domino V12 Early Access Program

This is really different from the last betas. We get early access to new functionality on design partner level.

This beta leverages the Linux platform on Docker for easier deployment. There will be a separate full beta with all the different platforms.

Docker will be new for many customers and partners more focused on Windows.

But I would see this s a chance to look into modern exciting technology.

As you might know from my blog posts, I have a strong Docker on Domino focus and if someone needs a jump start, I have a presentation to share, with a lot of details how to get started.

Here is the link the official HCL blog post:

I hope to see many of you in the forum.

-- Daniel



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