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Daniel Nashed


    HCL Domino Docker Container - Moved to a new home!

    Daniel Nashed  16 March 2022 20:00:42

    Image:HCL Domino Docker Container - Moved to a new home!

    The Domino Docker project was started by Thomas Hampel with Domino 9.0.1 at IBM. He introduced me to the project to contribute my Domino start script.
    I wrote a lot of code and added a lot of functionality since then. Thomas and I did many presentations together and it always was and will continue to be one of our favorite projects!

    Ideas moved into core Domino

    Some of the functionality we started in the community project has been picked up by HCL and is now part of the core product.

    The Domino OneTouch setup is sort of based on the ideas we had earlier in the community image.

    Development took it to a new level and implemented it into core -- cross platform.

    We have been the first ones using it during early Domino 12 beta and I am working on new ways to leverage it since then...

    Next branch with consolidation and refactoring work

    Recently I started a "next" branch and rewrote and consolidated a lot of code.

    I also cleaned up older dependencies like the previous automated setup based on "PDS files".

    You can still use the project with Domino 10 and 11 - but with the remote setup.

    But you should really make your way to Domino 12.0.1 -- which is by the way just a couple of commands away with a Domino container.

    The community project has been and will always be a sandbox for new functionality and a stable base for running Domino in containers.

    Domino Start Script

    The Domino start script is part of it and works hand in hand with functionality I built into the Domino start script -- which got it's new home recently.

    You will also see that the new documentation has very similar style and works also hand in hand -- and there is more to come.

    Moving the Domino Community image to a new home at HCL

    We finally decided to give the community image a new home at HCL.

    You find the repository from how on in the HCL open source repository:

    The old GitHub URL continues to work with all URLs! GitHub does a very good job providing a smooth migration with redirects.

    But the GitHub Pages URL can't be redirected. The new URL is listed in the GitHub repository:

    Project rename and master branch change

    is now "domino-container"

    We also took the opportunity to rename the repository from "domino-docker" to "domino-container" to reflect that it runs on more than just the Docker container platform.

    Some of you might have noticed that I have removed many internal "docker" references in the project and aligned it to use the term "container".

    But there are still some references which remain and we are fully supporting Docker environments in future!

    We also changed the "master" branch to the "main" branch like many other projects did already.

    This change should be also a smooth transition, because GitHub does a great job renaming it.

    How do you rename the local repo?

    If you are not a power user, it would be probably easier to replace the current repository with a new clone!

    But Git makes it very easy to move repositories.

    I used their recommended approach on command-line and it just worked out.

    git branch -m master main

    git fetch origin

    git branch -u origin/main main

    git remote set-head origin -a


    The documentation rewrite is not complete yet and there is more work to do.

    But this should be already a good starting point and we will bring in new examples and other details.

    And you can bet that I have more ideas to add to the project...

    Let me know if you have any questions

    -- Daniel



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