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Daniel Nashed

Get your Linux environment ready for Domino V14

Daniel Nashed – 19 October 2023 08:35:53

Domino V14 is planned to ship end of this year. For Windows the system requirements don't really change, because of the universal run-time.

But for Linux a newer compiler brings new OS dependencies. Specially the glibc version, which brings the base run-time support for C and also the C++ standard libs are important.

An application build with a newer compiler on a newer Linux version does not run on older versions with lower glibc versions.

glibc is the The GNU C Library -
The new version required was released in August 2021 and is part of most current long term release Linux distributions.

HCL Domino 14.0 System Requirements (Early Access Program Drop 3)

The system requirements state the following versions:

RHEL 9.0 Linux-equivalent OS

Equivalent OS with the following kernel/packages:

kernel-5.14 x86_64 or higher 5.14 kernel

glibc-2.34-28 x86_64 or higher

libstdc++-11.2.1 x86_64 or higher

What does that mean for your environment

You will have to bring servers to at least those versions to run.
glibc dependencies are not negotiable and glibc can't be updated. It's an essential part of each Linux OS.

This would mean an update to the following type of long term release versions:
  • Redhat/CentOS Stream 9.x based distributions (CentOS Stream 9, AlmaLinux 9, RockyLinux 9, Oracle Linux 9, Amazon Linux 2023, ...)
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • VMware Photon OS 5

SUSE Linux Support

Currently the latest SUSE Leap and Enterprise versions ship with glibc 2.31 -- which is too old to run Domino.

You could run a SUSE 15.5 host, with a supported container image. The glibc is part of the image. The kernel is the the kernel of the base Linux running the container (e.g. Docker, Podman, K8s).

SUSE is expected to ship a compatible glibc mid of 2024.


The current Linux distributions all have their major versions updated for a while.  For example Redhat/CentOS is at version 9.2.
It is important to keep the base operating system updated.

This is really a required and important change. You should move ahead and plan accordingly.

I have updated most of my servers already to CentOS 9.2 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.




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