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Daniel Nashed

Fritzbox phone number lookup pre-delivery agent

Daniel Nashed – 9 March 2015 10:03:44
There is a e-mail notification option in the Fritzbox which I am using for a while.
But I did not find a nice way to sync my IBM Notes contacts to my Fritzbox yet.
They offer just a connection to certain German e-mail providers.

But since my mailfile contains all contacts, having a pre-delivery agent to do the lookup for an incoming call-notification was my "plan B".

I build a view that ensures that the lookup can work against an international number format with +country code + area code + number without any special characters like dashes, blanks etc.
And I did the same conversion for the number in the Fritzbox notification email.
The hardest part was really the phone number conversion for the lookup. Everything else was very straightforward.

I ran into one interesting special character issue when looking into converting the number.
Apple used  hex xA0 (decimal 160) chars when you add a number with your iOS device instead of a bank (hex 0x20 - decimal 32).
When looking up the char I was surprised because it was a "non breaking space" that I never have heard of before ->

It works like a charm! I I just added a view to my mailfile and added the code to my pre-delivery agent that already contains my SpamGeek anti-spam folder move code.
I someone is interested in that little solution or has an idea to sync contacts with a Fritzbox directly drop me a mail ...

-- Daniel



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