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Daniel Nashed


Engage Session Highlight: Domino Containers - The Next Step

Daniel Nashed  24 March 2024 11:17:21

Two years ago Martijn de Jong (a fellow HCL Ambassador) presented a great "Domino Docker" session.

In the last two years a lot happened. Martijn's abstract is even missing some recent additions I know he will cover.

I just finished work on an automatic container environment preparation script, which will work on the major distributions to get ready for Domino containers.

It's an early morning session. But if you are interested in Domino containers or if your are running Domino containers, this session is for you!

-- Daniel

Image:Engage Session Highlight: Domino Containers - The Next Step

Ad10. Domino Containers - The Next Step

Wednesday, April 24 | 08:00 - 08:45 | D. Schilderskamer

It's been two years since we called Domino containers ready for production use. In the mean time, a lot has happened in the Domino container project.

Automated downloads and an easy-to-use menu have made it easier than ever to create your own Domino container images, while automated testing during the image build process ensures that your image is working flawlessly before you deploy it.

Join this demo-rich session to learn how easy it is to use Domino containers in your environment and prepare to be WOW-ed!



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