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Daniel Nashed


Easy kyr file creation with Early Access V12 in production

Daniel Nashed  10 October 2020 23:40:52

The kyr format is a really old propritary IBM format.
Since Domino 9 the only way to create kyr files is to use the command-line kyrtool.

It can only import existing key pairs + certificates.
So the current flow is often to use OpenSSL to create a key pair and a CSR or to import existing key pairs with the matching certificates.

That flow is going to change with Domino V12 completely.
The CertMgr servertask and the cerstore.nsf will completely simplify the operation and remove the need for kyr files.

But it will still allow to generate kyr files for older servers ..
And you can use it today to generate kyr files for your existing servers ;-)

-- Daniel



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