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Daniel Nashed


DominoBackupRunFaster=1 with a file back-end

Daniel Nashed  11 April 2024 20:05:14

The standard configuration for Domino backup is a file back-end. This makes mostly sense with de-duplicating storage.
This could be for example a NetApp appliance or any other de-duplicating storage device.

Also an appliance or Linux machine running ZFS as the file-system with compression enabled, is a good backup target.

Just a plain backup to normal storage does not make much sense, because it would be add the amount of your NSF files for every backup to the backup storage.

When Domino Backup was introduced in Domino 12.0 the the native Domino file copy operations used a quite small block size, which lead to low thruput rates on Windows and Linux depending on the back-end.

Therefore Domino Backup increased the buffer to 128 KB by default with the option to increase it further up to 1 MB.

Depending on your storage back-end and file-system, the following parameter can be a true RunFaster=1 parameter for you.

notes.ini FILE_COPY_BUFFER_SIZE=1048576

If you are using Domino Backup with a file back-end, you should really try this out and report the difference back here including your OS version and type of storage (disk, NFS mound, Windows share etc).

See my recent Proxmox ZFS de-duplication blog for ZFS de-dup performance.
The parameter was also listed there. But maybe wasn't sufficient highlighted.

-- Daniel



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