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Daniel Nashed


Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Daniel Nashed  19 July 2018 21:37:05

From what I heard IBM/HCL is planning to support CentOS 7.4 with Domin 10.
This is great news specially for developers and smaller customers because today only SuSE enterprise and RHEL enterprise servers are supported.

CentOS LTS (Long Term Releases) are source code compatible with the corresponding RHEL Linux versions and are very stable.
And even IBM does not support it today and you cannot open support calls, this is currently the only additional supported Linux version for my start script.

You will be also able to compile C-API applications on CentOS. Which makes it very convenient for business partners.

So if you are planning to look into Domino on Linux it's definitely a good idea to look into CentOS in future.
It's free, stable and it is very easy to keep it updated without any subscription.

I am using CentOS for a long time for my production servers. It works like a charm for me.

-- Daniel


1Koen de Leijer  19.07.2018 22:49:53  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Thanks Daniel,

As you know we are also working with CentOS for a long time now

2Sean Cull  20.07.2018 6:43:12  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

That is great news. I use CentOS 6 a lot but when I tried to use 7 I struggled with non specific issues, although there were other new variables such as using Azure. I ended up rolling back to CentOS 6

Devin Olsen did a great tutorial on Domino on CentOS 6, are there any guides that you would recommend for CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 ?

Thanks, Sean

3Daniele Vistalli  20.07.2018 6:48:13  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Could this also cover/include Docker support on Centos (which would just make sense).

Looking forward to it !!! thanks for sharing.

4Richard Moy  20.07.2018 15:15:24  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

This is great news. I know that Bill Malchisky is going to have a session next week about RHEL 7 support for Domino 10, maybe he will have more information on this or at the Linux Fest during the conference.

5Rainer Brandl  23.07.2018 12:25:09  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Great news !!! Thanks Daniel - and HCL ;-)

6Dag Kvello  31.07.2018 9:56:16  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

It is a welcome addition (finally) to the commercial license distro's.

IBM has already added CentOS support to f.eks. IBM Storage Connect 3.4, which was very welcomed.

Now, I hope they could add Photon support, especially for the Docker edition. It's the perfect virtual Linux.

7Ayman Samir  13.08.2018 14:35:16  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Any news on IBM Traveler 10 that can run on Linux on Power machines instead of IBM i

8Daniel Nashed  13.08.2018 21:44:55  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

@Ayman, Traveler on pLinux would require Domino on pLinux which would be both a lot of work to port and support!

We are lucky that we get CentOS support and keep AIX and iSeries/System i support. I would not expect that a new plattform will be introduced for quite a small market for Domino and also Traveler.

Most customers are on Windows or Linux. There are some customers who really want to stay on iSeries. But beside those plattforms I don't see much demand (from my customer experience).

-- Daniel

9Lutz Geschinsky  10.10.2018 19:24:24  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

The Domino/Traveler10 beta2 works very well on my test environment, like the 9.0.x , i am not a Linux nerd and i have some troubles to upgrade to Domino V10. If someone has an idea for me? Ubuntu 16.x upgrade from 9.0.1 FP10 to Domino 10 works fine as aspected.

on centOS 7.4

./install and i will continue in console mode yes

Initializing Wizard........

and end..

10Lutz Geschinsky  17.10.2018 22:26:07  Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Thank you for the hint installing the bc package, the install process worked fine after the installation in my Domino V10 CentOS 7.4. Domino and Traveler works= great :-)



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