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Daniel Nashed

Domino10 planned CentOS 7.4 Support

Daniel Nashed – 19 July 2018 21:37:05

From what I heard IBM/HCL is planning to support CentOS 7.4 with Domin 10.
This is great news specially for developers and smaller customers because today only SuSE enterprise and RHEL enterprise servers are supported.

CentOS LTS (Long Term Releases) are source code compatible with the corresponding RHEL Linux versions and are very stable.
And even IBM does not support it today and you cannot open support calls, this is currently the only additional supported Linux version for my start script.

You will be also able to compile C-API applications on CentOS. Which makes it very convenient for business partners.

So if you are planning to look into Domino on Linux it's definitely a good idea to look into CentOS in future.
It's free, stable and it is very easy to keep it updated without any subscription.

I am using CentOS for a long time for my production servers. It works like a charm for me.

-- Daniel



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