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Daniel Nashed


Domino V10 is available for download on Passport Advantage

Daniel Nashed  10 October 2018 11:30:32
Just a quick note and the most important part numbers.

Here is the entry point -->

And here are the part numbers, descriptions and SHA1 hashes...

Downloading & Installing right now ..

The Mac client is not yet available. From what I understood it will be available to the beta community first and will be shipped soon.

This is the first release. They are planning a V 10.0.1 until end of the year and a V 10.1 version for next year.

And in 10-12 month we will get Domino V11. Now that Domino V10 is available we can start to look into the released version and you will see more blog posts.

By the way ..There will be a DNUG Domino Day 15.11.2018 in Düsseldorf where we will cover all the new stuff with best practices and what's new as well.

The Agenda is already finalized. But we have to add the speakers for the Domino V11 session and the first German JAM Event for Domino V11.

Barry Rosen (HCL) & Thomas Hampel (IBM) are already confirmed for those two slots.


-- Daniel
Part number Description SHA1 Hash
CNW1REN IBM Notes 10.0 Basic Configuration for Windows English AF837AB75687094FB4F5AB123A993776F8A7C588
CNW1SEN IBM Notes 10.0 for Windows English 7D27743F55595609EBFC6EF702E33EED25494BA1
CNW1WEN IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin Client 10.0 for Windows English 8062E6AE78E51A84941777309E320EF14B62F469

Part number Description SHA1 Hash
CNW1XEN IBM Domino 10.0 64 bit for Windows English 924619957E6D25CBDD767C4E85D2C934E95C3466
CNW1YEN IBM Domino 10.0 64 bit for AIX English 4FBB33E7A6D0D4333C3AE184918418CC2ACD667C
CNW1ZEN IBM Domino 10.0 64 bit for Linux English 39CBF3E4195CF0F777CC4919CAFB7C51A9AAD6A7

Part number Description SHA1 Hash
CNW23EN IBM Traveler v10.0 for Windows English AC6B1ED3F6E9785516C1892F0AA96A5366548A07
CNW24EN IBM Traveler v10.0 for Linux English B5F1DD362BFE4F987E6F0B6D30F6166FD46C1383
CNW25EN IBM Traveler v10.0 for AIX Englishb BDAFF332EFFF8499D596F8AEA5D2139525F76F08



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