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Daniel Nashed


Domino TLS 1.0 SHA-2 Support to prevent POODLE has been shipped today

Daniel Nashed  4 November 2014 00:14:16

As blogged before IBM was already working on addressing the POODLE attack by finally implementing TLS 1.0 for all internet protocols.

Today IBM shipped an Interims Fix to introduce TLS 1.0 which is very important because many browsers and other software vendors are about to drop SSL 3.0 support.

So you need those fixes to continue to use secure protocols like HTTS, secure SMTP, LDAP, IMAP, POP3, DIIOP..

There are a couple of changes which are described in the following Wiki documents. And there are a couple of additional Wiki documents providing additional information.

Basically this fix will allow TLS 1.0 and also allows you to use SHA-2 based certificates with a new introduced command-line key-ring tool called "kyrtool".

The tool is a command line application that can manage your keyring files with SHA-2 support and you don't need the old ikeyman tool that many of us used before with all those limitations.

I have been testing the tool on Windows and Linux and it is working like a charm. The Wiki contains step by step instructions how to use it in combination with openssl to generate a private key, signing requests and import trusted roots and certficates.

You find very detailed step by step documentation in the referenced links.

And you can start downloading the fix and the kyrtool today!
I have it already running on my production Traveler server on Linux 64.

Here are the details including download links and detailed descriptions.

For TLS 1.0 support you just need to install the hotfix and all the defaults should just work fine. You need no additional settings.

Note: IBM did not disable SSL 3.0 for compatibility reasons in this fist step. The first IF is intended to introduce TLS 1.0 to allow all applications to continue to work with Domino.

Domino with this fix prevents a downgrade attacks if the client requested TLS 1.0. Some applications will still report that your server is vulnerable to POODLE because Domino still supports SSL 3.0 but this is not completely true. That's just a basic check for SSL 3.0.

IMHO introducing TLS 1.0 in combination with preventing downgrade protocol attacks is the right first move.

The fixes are available for  all supported platforms and releases (9.0.1 FP2, 9.0, 8.5.3 FP6, 8.5.2 FP4, 8.5.1 FP5).

But you should be aware that SHA-2 is only available in Domino 9.0.x because 8.5.x releases "lack the cryptographic infrastructure for SHA-2. "

Thanks to IBM and specially the security team who did a great job in a very short time!

They have been already working on TLS and SHA-2 support before but had to change their plans because of the short term move to diable SSL 3.0 in browsers and other software.

Here is the official quite detailed IBM documentation for TLS, SHA-2, the new key-ring tool "kyrtool" and information about how IBM addressed the "POODLE attack" with this fix.

-- Daniel

IBM Domino Interim Fixes to support TLS 1.0 which can be used to prevent the POODLE attack

Generating a SHA-2 Keyring file

IBM will add more articles in these categories around troubleshooting, tracing, and so on.



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