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Daniel Nashed

Domino Survey -- HCL is looking for your feedback!

Daniel Nashed – 18 April 2023 09:13:41

Thomas Hample just blogged, that product management has created a survey (they are using Domino Leap by the way) -->

Let me proxy below what Thomas just wrote on his blog...

I have submitted my information already. Of course I left out all my demo an test systems and just reported back about what I use in production.

LOL I could have ticked every Linux distribution + others. But this would not help to get a clear picture.  

Feel free to forward this to any customer or partner.

-- Daniel

HCL is looking for your input regarding how you are managing your environment.

Can you please help by answering this small survey?

It is completely anonymous and consists of a few questions to gather information on how Domino is used and how software updates are handled by Domino customers.

It should take less than 3min. to complete.

If you are managing more than one Domino environment please submit a survey for each one.

Image:Domino Survey -- HCL is looking for your feedback!



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