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Daniel Nashed


Domino Start Script Update V 3.3.0

Daniel Nashed  2 January 2020 16:52:42

The new version of the Domino Start Script is available.

Basically there are 3 new features/changes

Updated AIX support including supporting the install script.

Updated Container support which is needed for other container implementations. In Version 3.2.2 only Docker was properly detected.
I have been using this feature already for the Domino on Docker script and it is now included in 3.3.0.

A bigger back-end change is the way the server console works.

Until now the command read from console is echoed into the notes.input file with >>.
For some reasons we never really figured out in detail, even the text was written into the input file (which is used as an input file with <, when the server is started),
in some cases the server process does not accept those commands any more until the server is restarted.

While troubleshooting a customer came up with another approach to send the command over to the server, which worked more reliable in our tests.

The server command is send to the running server via  server -c "command". To get this reliably working,
I have added some sanity checks for the input read from the console and also I am checking if the server is running.

This new behavior is enabled by default and you can revert back to the existing functionality with a new config parameter.

In addition this allows now also a live console when using the server controller (by figuring out the output file from notes.ini),.

The input redirection file is still there but not used any more. This functionality has been like this from the very beginning and I wasn't sure I want to change it.
But it appears to work reliably. Let me know what you find out in your environment.

-- Daniel

V3.3.0 01.01.2020

New Features

Updated container support for other container environments than Docker (detecting other container run-time environments)

Updated support for AIX including install script


Changed live console functionality

Up to now the live console wrote into the notes.input file which is connected to the server process (< input file).
With the new functionality the commands are send to the server via server -c  "command".
This change is intended to solve an issue with a stall console in some situations.
In addition this allows live console functionality also in combination with the server controller.
The script detects the current server controller file (via notes.ini setting DominoControllerCurrentLog).
You can switch to the previous behavior via DOMINO_CONSOLE_SERVERC=NO.

Removed legacy configuration from rc_domino_script, which was confusing



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