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Daniel Nashed

Domino Start Script official GitHub repository released

Daniel Nashed – 26 February 2022 17:47:31

Domino Start Script official GitHub repository

The start script has quite some history and is longer around than Domino on Linux.
Most of you probably don't know that I wrote it originally for HP-UX and then extended it with Sun Solaris and AIX support (that makes me feel a bit old ..).

When Domino on Linux was introduced in V5.0.3, I added Linux support. And later we had to move from init.d to system.d services to start the server.

It has always been free and when I contributed it to the Docker Community image I changed the license to Apache 2.0 open source license.
But there was no own public GitHub repository and the official channel was still to request it by mail.
Now I am moving the start_script source directory from Domino Docker GitHub repository to it's own home.

The main page contains all the documentation and brings you to the GitHub repository.
You can either download the release files or clone the repository directly.

I hope you like the new approach and this gives me more flexibility in providing new versions and more information / documentation.
There is more to come like improvements in One-Touch setup support. I wrote some basic documentation, but not all of the new features are fully documented yet.
But some of the new features are already sneaked in without full documentation to get feedback from the community.

Domino Docker Community Image "Next" Project

I also started a Domino Docker image "next" project. This is a major consolidation of the code.
And we are removing setup support for older versions -- now that Domino 12 provides On-Touch support for a while.
The start script is still part of the Docker Community image. But is added as a release via tar release file from the start script repository in future.

This is just the beginning of more changes to come also for the Domino Docker project.
We might even rename it to Domino Container project in future.

It is not only supporting Docker. Meanwhile Podman is a grown up project, Rancher Desktop is a very interesting project and we support all kind of flavors of K8s.
For me it sounds like a name change to "Domino Container" would make sense.

What you you think? Would this be too confusing? Or does it make sense?

-- Daniel

PS: For anyone interested in what the "next" project. I have a public branch I am working on.

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