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Daniel Nashed

Domino Start Script 2.7 Released

Daniel Nashed – 11 September 2013 08:28:53

Today I updated my start script to version 2.7. Version 2.6 never really made it to the request page.
I have sent it to a couple of customers by email but I did not post it because I was still waiting for feedback for version 2.6.
There are not really many changes and additions. Most of the changes and additions are coming from my customer projects.
I am adding functionality based on what customers need. If you have special requirements please let me know by mail.
What I am always trying is to add functionality in a generic way to ensure they are helpful for many customers.
For example I have introduced a way to plug in your own scripts in all different events (pre shutdown, post shutdown, start etc ...).

In addition I am optimizing the script to work more clean in some edge situations. Like invoking a shutdown command when the server is not running.

I have documented the changes in the readme.

If there is anything special that you want to do with your start scripts that is not there yet, feel free to contact me by mail.
In most cases it can be implemented in a generic way that helps more customers and I would add it to the standard script.

You can request the new version of the script here -->

-- Daniel

V2.7 01.09.2013

New Features

New Option DOMINO_3RD_PARTY_BIN_DIRS to allow "cleanup" to kill processes started from 3rd Party directories

When you try to shutdown a Domino server the script checks now if the server is started at all before inititiating the shutdown.
In previous versions this took a longer time because the loop for termination check was invoked anyway.
Also pre-shutdown scripts have been invoked which lead to a delay.
The script also skips post_shudown operations in this case.
You will see a message on the console that shutdown is skipped because the server is not started.
This will improve shutdown performance when the server was not started.

V2.6 03.01.2013

New Features

New Option DOMINO_PRE_KILL_SCRIPT to allow invoking a script before "nsd -kill"
New Option DOMINO_POST_KILL_SCRIPT to allow invoking a script after "nsd -kill"

New Option DOMINO_PRE_CLEANUP_SCRIPT to allow invoking a script before cleaning up server resources native on OS level
New Option DOMINO_POST_CLEANUP_SCRIPT to allow invoking a script after cleaning up server resources native on OS level

Added Debug Output (BEGIN/END) for all pre/post scripts



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