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Daniel Nashed

Domino Server Install on Linux Fails with Timing Issues

Daniel Nashed – 22 May 2019 15:21:03
We ran into an interesting issue yesterday which almost made our Domino 10.0.1 on Linux with brand new RHEL 7.6 machines fail.

The installer always ended like this:

Initializing Wizard.....    
Extracting Bundled JRE.    
Verifying JVM      

No Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was found on this system.

A deeper tracing with debug settings lead us to those errors:

Verifying... /tmp/istemp30481141104256/_bundledJRE_/bin/java  -cp  /tmp/istemp30481141104256/Verify.jar Verify  java.vendor java.version
Verification failed for /tmp/istemp30481141104256/_bundledJRE_ using the JVM file /tmp/istemp30481141104256/_bundledJRE_/jvm

When it stops the temp-files remain on disk. Interestingly the manual check works afterwards.
I checked everything in the script which isn't just a normal script but also contains the installer code that is executed from there.

[root@host /]# /tmp/istemp30481141104256/_bundledJRE_/bin/java  -cp  /tmp/istemp30481141104256/Verify.jar Verify  java.vendor java.version

IBM Corporation


After testing all the debug options listed somewhere in the install scripts, I found one parameter that gave me one final idea.
"-is:jvmtimer" sounded like a delay that you can add during install.

After I found this parameter I checked for references. And the only  reference I found was an older IBM installer issue for another platform on another product where this parameter is documented.

It is needed for slower platforms where the extract and start of the JVM takes too long.
It's not in detail clear but maybe in this case maybe the machine was too fast and the check routine did not wait sufficient long. The machine had 4 Cores with 8 threads each.

So the solution was to give the JVM extract and verify.jar a couple of seconds more time. It worked with 2 seconds but 4 seconds might be a better bet.

I never ran into this before on any machine over the years. But I am documenting it not just for curiosity but also if someone might run into it.

Here is how you specify the parameter.

 ./install -is:jvmtimer 4

I think I will add the parameter to the Docker Domino install script as well, because it could hit uns there as well.

Install Shield multi platform is a quite old installer, which will be replaced by Install Anyware in Domino 11.

-- Daniel



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