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Daniel Nashed


Domino One touch setup meets Domino One touch install

Daniel Nashed  18 September 2021 09:55:52
Now that I introduced a Domino One Touch server installation, the next logical step is to combine it with Domino V12 One Touch setup.
I added an extension to the start script and added environment var and JSON configurations for One Touch setup to the start script.

The new functionality provides a easy to use new "setup" command, which automatically creates a sample configuration for your.
When you use the install script, all the files are automatically copied to the /opt/nashcom/startscript/OneTouchSetup directory.

The new command "domino setup" comes with a couple of options.
I don't think I have to explain those in detail and I appended the draft help below.
It will work for first and additional servers with ENV and JSON configurations.

Now bringing up a new server from scratch drills down to those 3 commands :-)

curl -sL | bash -
domino setup
domino start

What do you think?
Would this help admins who never used Linux or One Touch setup in Domino V12 to have an easy start?

PS: I also built it for myself. I don't want to setup any of my native installed test servers manually.
And it helps also testing One Touch configurations.  I am looking into adding JSON validation via jq ...

-- Daniel

PS2: Of course you have to have the software available somewhere as described in my One Touch install blog post.
It's not yet published. I have it working here but will do some testing first with multiple configurations.

One Touch Setup Commands

setup            edits an existing One Touch config file or creates a 1st server ENV file
setup env 1      creates and edits a first server ENV file
setup env 2      creates and edits an additional server ENV file
setup json 1     creates and edits a first server JSON file
setup json 2     creates and edits an additional server JSON file

setup log        lists the One Touch setup log file
setup log edit   edits the One Touch setup log file



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