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Daniel Nashed


Domino One Touch install on Ubuntu and Debian

Daniel Nashed  6 November 2021 18:16:21

I am still not a big fan of Domino on Ubuntu or Debian. And it still makes a lot of sense to stay on platforms that are close to the two fully supported platforms RHEL and SLES!!!

But specially for me testing software and also supporting my start scripts, this installer makes a lot of sense to support those platforms.

For Ubuntu and Debian I needed the work-around to change the shell from dash to bash during install.

I updated also the components for Photon OS.

There are a lot of differences in detail and I really had to check each individual platform.

Specially for glibc language support there are differences. But also packages differ.

This shows again Linux is not Linux!

But finally with quite some tweaks it works on all the platforms including full platform detection.

If you uploaded the software to a server you can use this simple command-line to install Domino:

export DOWNLOAD_FROM=; curl -sL | bash -

Then run the One-touch setup configuration for Domino 12.

domino setup

And finally start your server

domino start

Finally launch the console via

domino console

Even I added the other platforms, you should stay with CentOS Stream 8, Rocky Linux or Alma Linux if you want a free distribution.

Ubuntu and Debian are really only for those who are long time Ubuntu or Debian geeks..

-- Daniel



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