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Daniel Nashed

Domino on Linux Start Script 3.1.3 with changed way to request it

Daniel Nashed – 30 October 2017 04:43:05
Just updated the start script to a new version with some minor changes.
There was one issue with systemd on shutdown and I made a change in the way config files are used.

Most of the new features are coming in either thru projects or when I want something for my own environment.
I don't get much feedback or feature requests beside that.

One change triggered by a project was how config files apply. We wanted to use the same configuration for all servers.
But we wanted special settings for the Traveler servers. So I changed the way the config files apply.
Now you can use a general config and additional or changed parameters for individual servers.
That way you can have a general config that you deploy automatically and you keep a server specific file with changes.

So in that case the general config would be /etc/sysconfig/rc_domino_config.
And the specific config would be for example: /etc/sysconfig/rc_domino_config_notes.

This would also work in partitioned environments where each server has a basic configuration and you want additional parameters for a partition.
On the other side even on partitioned servers you could use variables which depend on variables like the DOMINO_USER.

Changed way to request the start script

I am also changing the way you can request the new version. Until now I had a request form.
Now you just send a mail to dominostartscript  at with the subject "script".

The old implementation was a servertask which read the data posted in database.
I switched to a pre-delivery agent with some additional logic to check the message.
So for example I am not triggering an automatic reply if the message is a reply or is an autosubmitted message.

I am not yet updating the start script page and want to see first how this works with requests coming in thru the blog.
And I hope you like the new way to request the start script? Any feedback is welcome.

-- Daniel

Change History

V3.1.3 30.10.2017

Problems Solved

Fixed an issue with systemd in combination with server controller.
Now the server controller correctly shutsdown when the service is stopped

New Features

listini -- displays server's notes.ini


Changed sample rc_domino_config_notes setting DOMINO_PRE_SHUTDOWN_COMMAND to "tell traveler shutdown"

V3.1.2 01.09.2017

New Features

New check if Domino ".res" files exist and readable to generate warnings

New short cut command "res" for "resources"


In previous version either the server specific config file was used or the default config file.

The config files are now used in the following order to allow more flexible configurations:

- First the default config-file is loaded if exists (by default: /etc/sysconfig/rc_domino_config)
- In the next step the server specifc config-file (by default: /etc/sysconfig/rc_domino_config_notes) is included.
- The server specific config file can add or overwrite configuration parameters.

This allows very flexible configurations. You can specify global parameters in the default config file and have specific config files  per Domino partition.
So you can now use both config files in combination or just one of them.



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