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Daniel Nashed


Domino on Linux Plattform stats might use 100% CPU

Daniel Nashed  22 March 2012 19:52:47
We ran into this issue on a couple of customer sites. It is not completely sure in which release starts (in a fixpack of 8.5.2 and in 8.5.3 for sure).
The problem is that the server thread responsible for platform stats might use 100% of one CPU thread.
Basically there is an issue when reading a system file in a loop.

There are two SPRs involved in this

SPR #YPHG8ET496 will be fixed in 8.5.3 FP1
SPR #PHEY8KRJJ7 will be fixed in 8.5.2 FP2 and 8.5.4

If you run into this problem in your environment the only work-around is to disable the platform stats via PLATFORM_STATISTICS_DISABLED=1.

What also happens in this case is that the server might not terminate cleanly because the platform stat server thread is in a infinite loop which does not terminate.

-- Daniel


1Hans Holt  02.05.2012 13:25:04  Domino on Linux Plattform stats might use 100% CPU

Thank you - this works for me on a QuickR / Domino runnuing on CentOS 6.2

2Martin Klumps  25.07.2012 21:51:06  Domino on Linux Plattform stats might use 100% CPU

We ran into this issue as well and your solution solved the problem - thanks a lot Daniel!

3Michelangelo Gambacorta  12.11.2012 20:32:42  Domino on Linux Plattform stats might use 100% CPU

Hi Daniel,

I had an 8.5.2 server (on Linux) and after Sametime install, CPU spiked to 100%.

I then installed FP4, but cpu was still 100% and on shutdown server was not terminating properly.

Finally, disabling platform stats solved it.

So I decided to write here that on Fix Pack 4 it has not been fixed yet.

I wanted to check in which of the SPRs above I was in, but a Google search did not turn results. Do you have links for the SPRs above or any idea on how to find out which SPR is causing trouble?

In my case this would be useful in order to avoid upgrading to 8.5.3 a Sametime 8.5.2 server (there are problems in doing so due to XSL transformations).



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