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Daniel Nashed

Domino on Linux Plattform stats might use 100% CPU

Daniel Nashed – 22 March 2012 19:52:47
We ran into this issue on a couple of customer sites. It is not completely sure in which release starts (in a fixpack of 8.5.2 and in 8.5.3 for sure).
The problem is that the server thread responsible for platform stats might use 100% of one CPU thread.
Basically there is an issue when reading a system file in a loop.

There are two SPRs involved in this

SPR #YPHG8ET496 will be fixed in 8.5.3 FP1
SPR #PHEY8KRJJ7 will be fixed in 8.5.2 FP2 and 8.5.4

If you run into this problem in your environment the only work-around is to disable the platform stats via PLATFORM_STATISTICS_DISABLED=1.

What also happens in this case is that the server might not terminate cleanly because the platform stat server thread is in a infinite loop which does not terminate.

-- Daniel



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