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Daniel Nashed


Domino meets Grafana & Loki

Daniel Nashed  7 April 2024 08:17:19

The latest Sametime version offers a graphical statistics dashboard based on Grafana and Prometheus.

Domino statistics out of the box don't play well with Grafana.

Prometheus needs a pull model and the Domino Stats Package added in Version 10 only supports the push model.
Sametime uses the push gateway, but because the Domino statistic names need to be transformed anyway, I wrote a small servertask to provide the stats to be included into the node_exporter, which already is used to provide Linux system statistics.

Beside statistics I also looked into Grafana Loki to collect logs and make them available over the Grafana interface. The data is collected by promtail.

After a couple of interesting experiences and iterations collecting the data, I am now at the stage where I can look into real world statistics in production.

For now I am building my own dashboards and try to better understand the magic behind Grafana.

The key is to collect the data in the right way. Specially bringing the Domino stats into the same metrics collector used by the OS makes statistics much easier to evaluate.

One next step could be converting some Domino text statistic information into labels (e.g. the device names etc).

But it sounds like the platform stats (which are only collect once per minute by Domino) might not be as useful as the node_exporter native Linux stats.

Is anyone using Grafana today? What are your key metrics?

How did you build your integration to  get the data out of Domino?

I am loving my panel already and it brings up new ideas checking my server. The drop of the SAI once in a while catched my interest ..

--- Daniel

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