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Daniel Nashed

Domino Docker Community image is switching to CentOS Stream 8

Daniel Nashed – 16 October 2021 09:06:43

RedHat is moving away from Docker Hub to and they are hosting their CentOS Stream images only there.
Now that CentOS 8 is going out of maintenance soon, it is time to look for a new default base image.

You can build the Domino Container image on many other base images specifying a different dockerfile like:dockerfile_rocky or dockerfile_alma

But the default and best supported base image is

So we changed the default to CentOS Stream 8 in the develop and master branch today.

This doesn't change much for you. Your images will continue to build and you can continue running it in the same host Linux versions.
This will ensure the best compatibility and also gives you the latest updates from the RHEL 8 code stream.

-- Daniel



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