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Daniel Nashed


Domino Docker on Astra Linux

Daniel Nashed  28 July 2019 06:42:35

This morning got up early and took another look into Astra Linux.

First of all I did another install without GUI to see how things would work with a server that is comparable to a CentOS minimum install.
The installation was very smooth and straight forward even on command-line.
The only part I had to setup manually was the network configuration and I had to install the SSH server (apt install openssh-server). That was the base for my installation.

Domino Installation

Than I took another look into installing Domino native to see which packages needed to be installed for Domino.

What I needed on top of the standard installation are just the following packgages: gdb, bc and policykit-1

apt update
apt install gdb bc policykit-1

Afterwards it was a straight forward installation.
I just had to create the missing /etc/sysconfig directory for the start script (mkdir /etc/sysconfig).
The mentioned astra-ptrace-lock service (see last post) wasn't installed by default. So no changes where needed here.

So I got the server up and running in minutes including installing the OS.

Domino on Docker Installation

That made me curious to see how Docker would run on this machine and what I need to do to get it up and running.
It turns out that Docker CE is part of the distribution and can be installed out of the box.

First of all I installed Docker in one single step:

apt install

Installing the package installed and started Docker 17.12.1-ce !! All settings looked good and are requirements are met (overlay2 driver is configured, ext4 is a supported file-system)!

Than I just downloaded our IBM Domino on Docker project

git clone

I pointed the download directory to my local server hosting Domino software by changing the configuration:


And finally built the Domino CE image

./ domino-ce

To see if the image is working I created a new server leveraging our management script and took a look into the container.

cd management
./docker_domino-ce run
./docker_domino-ce bash root
domino console

This got me an up and running Domino 10.0.1 FP2 server in 5 minutes :-)


The installation just worked without any tweaks needed. I left out optimization steps and the installation for native Domino in detail here (which works exactly like on any other Linux).
So Domino on Astra Linux isn't a supported configuration but looks technical good also running with a "minimum installation" without a graphical interface.

On the other side running Domino on Docker on Astra Linux with Docker CE is a fully supported configuration.
The image is running on centos.latest inside Docker container. So technically the base OS for running Domino is CentOS.
Like CentOS native this looks like a great free deployment option for Domino on Docker to me!

Did anyone try this already? What are your experiences?

-- Daniel



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