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Daniel Nashed


Domino Designer Help has been moved completely to Eclipse help in Notes 9.0

Daniel Nashed  17 April 2013 16:23:38

The last available Designer Help in the "classical" NSF based format is 8.5.1. Since then IBM started to move to the Eclipsed based help system.
This can have advantages but many developers still like to have also a NSF based version because searching/etc in the Eclipse help is not that flexible.

With Notes 9 most information -- including @Formula, Lotus-Script, Java Class documentation has been completely removed from the NSF help.

And if you have lost your old 8.5.1 documentation due to the updated you need to get a copy of the older ( IBM says legacy) NSF help database.
At least the uploaded the older version to developer works.

I am not happy at all with this move and I would wish that IBM would continue using NSF for documentation.
This is true for the Designer help and also Admin help. Right now already a lot of information is only available in the Wiki, which is much harder to keep track of and find.

-- Daniel



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