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Daniel Nashed

Domino Container Project: software.txt link & new start script version

Daniel Nashed – 5 May 2024 09:06:11


The container project contains a software.txt file with all the web-kits used to build images.
For some technical reasons the file was located in two places.

1. The script uses software.txt for checking web-kits before the image build starts.
2. The actually image build process uses software.txt to verify the downloaded web-kits before installing them.

software.txt and current_version.txt can also be added to a custom software directory (SOFTWARE_DIR) or remote download location (DOWNLOAD_FROM).

Git can handle symbolic links on Linux platforms. But converts them to a text file on Windows.
But Windows isn't a build platform for the container image and I changed one of the two locations to a link:

The file in /local/github/domino-container/software is now pointing to a relative symbolic link

ls -l software.txt -> ../dockerfiles/install_dir_common/software.txt

Domino Start Script 3.9.2 update

The start script is part of the Domino container, but maintained in a separate repository.
From time to time it is synced with the container repository when important corrections or feature additions are pending.

The latest version of the start script provides a new menu, which is also useful inside a container.

Changes are already merged to the develop branch for feedback.

Image:Domino Container Project: software.txt link & new start script version



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