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Daniel Nashed

Domino CertMgr GitHub Repository with additional material

Daniel Nashed – 26 September 2023 07:00:00

Documentation is always a challenge. This is specially true when it comes to complex topics like SSL/TLS certificates.
Many admins still use their old cook books to get certificates created.

When HCL introduced CertMgr in Domino 12.0 the team asked for feedback in the early code drops.
And the team is keeping asking in public and private forums since then.

Beside "it is still too complicated" and other complains there wasn't much feedback.

Call for action

We really need your help to get it right. We need detailed feedback and questions.

My new plan is to turn questions into FAQs and Howto documents in this GitHub repository.

The repository was mainly intended for CertMgr integrations.

But already contained a living troubleshooting document for Let's Encrypt ACME HTTP-01 challenges where support got most questions.

New GitHub Pages CertMgr site

Now we are turning this project into the home for everything CertMgr related.

If you have questions and feedback, this should be your first place to check in future!

Ideas can be discussed in the new forum in the project. But they should finally turn into official AHA ideas.

I hope this new GitHub page helps you. Please provide feedback directly in the project.

New GitHub pages site with a link to the GitHub project page:

This is just a starting point and will grow over time with your feedback and questions!

-- Daniel

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