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Daniel Nashed

Domino Backup customized and centralized logging

Daniel Nashed – 11 February 2024 14:07:51

This question came up last week in a business partner workshop.
The partner wanted to centralize the logging of all Domino backup instances.

dominobackup.nsf intended per server. You could configure a global configuration database and local instances for the backup inventory.
In theory it could be one database for multiple could be also replicated in smaller environments.
This would not be recommended.

But there is an easier way for a centralized overview of all your Domino backups.

Customizing mail notification

The mail notification can be completely customized with formulas and you could even run your own agent.

The recipient of the message is formula based and could take into account any field of the log document.
And also the status check can be customized.

By default the sender address for the message is the server and can also be customized.
Usually it is a good idea to keep the server as the sender. But in some cases this might need to be customized as well.

The more interesting part is that the notification mail isn't just a mail with a summary -- which also be customizable changing the notification form (compute with form is used).
The resulting mail contains all the fields from the original log document. The mail could be send to a mail-in database. Which allows centralized logging.

In addition you could plug in any logic with the agent call-out hook also defined in this configuration.

You find a documentation for those fields here -->

Image:Domino Backup customized and centralized logging

Image:Domino Backup customized and centralized logging



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