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Daniel Nashed


Domino 9.0.1 FP9 SMTP Issue

Daniel Nashed  30 August 2017 23:15:56
Last Friday a friend contacted me about a SMTP issue. I was able to reproduce the root cause of the issue but the emails I receive still look OK.
So it depends on your STMP configuration how much impact this issue has in your infrastructure with FP9.

In my environment I see in my SpamGeek log database that sender and recipient information contains some garbage chars at the beginning of the string.

This can cause that the header information might get corrupted. We don't know exactly how this happens and why it has different impact in different environments. The issue we see is cross platform (verified on Windows and Linux).

I have an open PMR since Friday escalated to L3 and I got a test hotfix today, which corrected the header. This confirmed that one of changes in FP9 caused this regression. But I don't know yet if this first fix was just a test fix that reverted the behavior or was a final fix.

So if you did not yet update your SMTP server to FP9, you should wait until this issue is fixed.

Update 1.9.2017:

Got the information from IBM that the test fix they did removed one SPR included in FP9.

Here is the description for this SPR:

SPR# TPON949L2M - Fixed an issue where encoded phrases may have embedded delimiters after decoding -- e.g., the comma (',') in Ziffle, Fred causes an error for Notes.  Fix is to unconditionally quote the decoded phrase:  "Ziffle, Fred"

It's still not clear what they are going to do. I would expect that they change the fix and because many customers are affected I would also expect this to be included in a IF soon.

For now we have the hotfix available if you need to upgrade to FP9 now.

If you want to request the hotfix. My PMR number is PMR# 25337,999,724

I will continue post updates once I have more details.

-- Daniel



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