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Daniel Nashed


Domino 9.0.1 FP6

Daniel Nashed  22 May 2016 21:55:43
Domino 9.0.1 FP6 has been released a while ago. I have installed it and I got positive feedback from customers already.

FP6 contains all the fixes from previous IFs and also the updated JVM Java60SR16FP20 which addresses a couple of security fixes.
Also the server controller interoperability issue is fixed. But for a client based connection you also need to update your admin client!

All the TLS fixes are also included and there is an additional fix for an issue in a TLS handshake.

SPR# MKINA3SPYN - Fixes an intermittent Domino Server crash in crypto code when VerifyMAC() is passed a bogus length.

There are many other potential crash issues and security issues that have been also fixed.
So it makes a lot of sense to install it on Server side.

In additional there are fixes that need notes.ini parameters.

The first fix is to bring back the pre Domino 9 behaviour for removing documents from the trash folder after the threshold expiered.
In Domino 8.5.x was checked on database open. With Domino 9 it is only checked with updall.

There is a new notes.ini parameter CHECK_EXPIRED_SOFT_DELETES_ON_DBOPEN=1 which brings back the previous behaviour.

SPR# HYYH9DF5GR - Fixes situation where emails in trash are not  removed even if "Permanently delete documents after X hours" is set. This fix introduced a new Notes.ini CHECK_EXPIRED_SOFT_DELETES_ON_DBOPEN=1. This is off be default.

There is also an ID-Vault fix which needs a notes.ini parameter. The notes.ini parameter is missing in the SPR description.

The fix introduced needs the this notes.ini parameter IDV_RefreshCerts=1
By default the parameter is disabled for performance reasons. You should only enable it when you are in a key-rollover project.

SPR# KLYH9ZDQNC -- IDVault Key Rollover State Can Be Incorrect Due to Timing Issue



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