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Daniel Nashed

Docker 20.10 and Docker Desktop 3.0 released

Daniel Nashed – 31 December 2020 14:38:04

I never said Docker is completely dead, even I see today better integration and more features in Podman.
This new release of Docker CE is helping specially on CentOS 8 and you don't need to work-around compatibility issues with an older version of containerd shipped with CentOS 8.

At the same time Docker updated Docker desktop to a new major version -- which also includes Docker version 20.10.

The Docker Community project will continue to use Docker as the build platform, but also supports Podmand.

I have just installed both today. Docker Desktop 3.0 did hang on installing the new version in my Win10 WSL2 environment.
But re Windows reboot helped to get it installed -- actually this was a tip in a forum so I might not be the only one running into this issue.

On CentOS 8, I had to uninstall Docker completely as the Docker official instructions reference -->

In addition to their recommendations I also had to remove the docker0 network like this:

firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=trusted --remove-interface=docker0

So my installation steps have been:

1. Uninstall docker-ce via "yum remove ..." as described on the CentOS installation page
2. Remove the interface from the configuration -- if you added it earlier to get it working like me
3. Reboot
4. Use the new script to install Docker 20.10.

It's working fine now on my CentOS 8 machine without any "hacks".

And in my case I removed all existing VMs and images. The container data was on /local/.. and the container description was in my scripts.
So I was able to uninstall Docker and remove all container data as suggested on the Docker homepage.
Just uninstalling the software and removing the docker0 network should already work fine.

There are enhancements like rootless Docker containers (not inside the container which is already a best practice for a long time but running the container without root permissions).

I am not a big fan of that, because it still might cause issues. So having systemd start with root permissions isn't a big issue.

There are a couple of other improvement, which might be interesting. I got the following link with a good summary

Still Docker 20.10 is only adding mainly functionality already available in other environments like Podman.

Docker is a great platform to start with. And specially Docker desktop integrated with Win10+WSL2 has some benefits.
Also the documentation from Docker is more detailed.
So as a starting point Docker is still a good platform to work with.

Our last "Docker" workshop has been using CentOS with Docker 19.x. Sounds like I should now prepare the lab with CentOS 8 and Docker 20.10 ..

-- Daniel



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